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Baltimore, Maryland Low Income Water Assistance Program

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Faced With Turn-Off Or Delinquent Water Bill Account? Maybe We Can Help!

The cost of providing water to almost two million people each day is directly tied to the cost of fuel, electricity and federal mandates.

This means that some of our citizens with limited incomes are finding it harder to make ends meet. That is why Baltimore City is offering assistance to those who may be having problems paying their water bills.

Please contact your nearest Baltimore Community Action Center (see below) for more information on how we may be able to help you.”

Who is eligible?

  • You must be a Baltimore City resident, the utility account holder and receive your water bill directly from the City.
  • You must reside at the property on the account.
  • You must have received a delinquent, turn-off, or tax sale notice due to being in arrears.
  • You must not have an existing payment plan with the Department of Finance.
  • You must have verification documents for eligibility.

Once approved:

You must pledge to make consistent payments on your unpaid and current balance. You will receive a credit of $125.00.

You must meet the household income guidelines below:


Household Income Guidelines Table (Reflects 175% of the Federal Poverty Threshold)
Household Size Max. Monthly Income Max. Yearly Income
1 $1,488.96 $17,867.50
2 $1,996.46 $30,047.50
3 $2,503.96 $30,047.50
4 $3,011.46 $36,137.50
5 $3,518.96 $42,227.50
6 $4,026.46 $48,317.50
For each additional person, add $507.50 $6,090.00



Baltimore Housing Community Action Centers


Southeast Community Action Center
Diann Baker, Director
3411 Bank Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21224
(410) 545-6518
Fax: (410) 545-6511
Eastern Community Action Center
Desiree Mack, Manager
1401 East Preston Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21213
(410) 396-9468
Fax: (410) 545-7955
Northern Community Action Center
David Smith, Manager
5225 York Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21212
(410) 396-6084
Fax: (410) 545-7960
Western District Community Action Center
Emmanuel Holmes,
Social Program Administrator III
1133 Pennsylvania Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21217
(410) 396-0893
Fax: (410) 396-0366
Northwest District Community Action Center
Diane Jones, Manager
3314 Ayrdale Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21216
(443) 984-1384
Fax: (410) 542-3635
Satellite: 3939 Reisterstown Road, Room 150
(410) 396-4770 Fax: (410) 367-5609
Southern Community Action Center
Beulah McCain-Lucas, Manager
606 Cherry Hill Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21225
(410) 545-0900
Fax: (410) 545-1702
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